Product Formulation Type Properties Kicker Action Weather Fastness
T406 Ba/Cd/Zn Stabilizer Very high heat stability NA Very Good
MSP80 Ba/Zn Stabilizer Cadmium free. Lead free. High heat stability NA Very Good
M67 Ba/Zn Kicker Relatively hard foam Medium NA
M68 Ba/Zn Kicker All foam applications Rapid NA
M70 Zn/K Kicker Fine cellular structure, relatively hard foam Slow NA

All MODSTAB products for Plastisols and crown cork applications are phenol free and have excellent miscibility with plasticizers, i.e. Di-Octyl Phthalate, Chlorinated Paraffin Wax, etc

Heat Stability

Product Heat Stability at 1800C At 200°C
Specification Upto 20 mins Upto 40 mins Upto 60 mins Upto 10 mins
T406 X

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