MSP Series Mixed Metal Stabilizers

Our MSP Series Mixed Metal Stabilizers liquid PVC heat stabilizers are ideal for outdoor applications – tents/awnings, tarpaulins, and for top coats on vinyl flooring, synthetic leather and shoe uppers.


All MSP Series Mixed Metal Stabilizers Series stabilizers are clear liquids.

Product Colour Density Viscosity (in secs) Refractive Index
    at 300C, g/cm3 Std Ford Cup #4  
Modstab B211 Pale Yellow 1.195 – 1.200 Very High 1.498 - 1.500
Modstab MSP80 Pale Yellow 0.905 - 0.910 21 - 22 1.448 - 1.450
Modstab MSP88 Pale Yellow 1.140 – 1.145 80 – 82 1.474 - 1.476

These products should be kept protected in a dry place. The containers must always be kept tightly closed.


Product Colour Special Properties
Modstab B211 Pigmented top coats, synthetic leather, shoe uppers, tarpaulin Excellent heat stability and weather fastness
Modstab MSP80 Tarpaulins/Tents/Awnings, Plastisol processing High weather fastness and printability, Phenol free
Modstab MSP88 Tarpaulins/Tents/Awnings, Plastisol processing Excellent heat stability, weather fastness and printability, phenol free
For best results we recommend 1.5 to 3 parts per hundred resins (phr), based on the processing conditions and desired end results.

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