The M Series additives represent liquid kickers for PVC foaming.
Typical applications of these kickers are in the manufacturing of car and home upholstery, shoe uppers and plastisol amongst others.

Kickers work in pressure less expansion of PVC pastes by lowering the decomposition temperature of the blowing agent.
Modstab M65, M67 and M68 work as kicker-cum-stabilizer.

The easy dispersibility of these kickers in PVC applications ensures a uniform cellular structure and foam density. The viscosity of the PVC pastes is reduced in most cases.


All M Series kickers are clear liquids

Product Colour Density Viscosity (in secs) Refractive Index
    at 300C, g/cm3 Std Ford Cup #4  
Modstab M60 Colourless 0.965 - 0.970 23 – 25 1.448 - 1.450
Modstab M62 Colourless 1.110 - 1.115 Viscous 1.463 - 1.465
Modstab M65 Yellow 0.890 - 0.895 11 – 12 1.448 - 1.450
Modstab M67 Pale Yellow 0.985 - 0.990 Viscous 1.454 - 1.456
Modstab M68 Pale Yellow 0.995 - 1.000 25 – 27 1.458 - 1.460
Modstab M69 Pale Yellow 1.040 - 1.050 47-49 1.452 - 1.454
Modstab M70 Colourless 0.885 - 0.890 12 – 13 1.444 - 1.446

These products should be stored in a dry place. The containers must always be kept tightly closed.


M Series kickers differ in their influence on the rate of decomposition of the blowing agent.

Kicker Blow Rate Process Remarks
Modstab M60 Fast Spread Coating High volume foaming
Modstab M62 Slow Dip Coating, Rotational Moulding Contains DOP
Modstab M65 Slow Coating, Calendaring Suitable at high temperatures
Modstab M67 Medium Coating , Calendaring Excellent for middle coat
Modstab M68 Fast Calendaring Bottom and middle coats
Modstab M69 Rapid Spread Coating High volume foaming
Modstab M70 Slow Coating For long tunnel & low oC

For best results we recommend same amount of kicker as the blowing agent (1:1).
If exceptionally high thermal long-term stability of the PVC compound is required, we recommend the addition of epoxidized oils

Other ratios are offered per the customer request.

Modstab M60

Modstab M62

Modstab M65

Modstab M66

Modstab M67

Modstab M68

Modstab M69

Modstab M70

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