Our T Series represent liquid PVC heat stabilizers that are typically used in the manufacture of flexible PVC banners (advertisement banners), pigmented films, PVC flooring amongst others.


All T Series stabilizers are clear liquids.

Product Colour Density Viscosity (in secs) Refractive Index
    at 300C, g/cm3 Std Ford Cup #4  
Modstab T401 Pale Yellow 0.925 - 0.930 21 – 22 1.458 - 1.460
Modstab T402 Pale Yellow 0.920 - 0.925 12 – 13 1.454 - 1.456
Modstab T403 Pale Yellow 0.865 - 0.870 12 - 13 1.445 - 1.447
Modstab T404 Pale Yellow 0.925 – 0.930 28 - 30 1.458 - 1.460
Modstab T420 Pale Yellow 0.940 - 0.945 24 - 26 1.458 - 1.460
Modstab MSP180 Pale Yellow 0.985 - 0.990 54 – 56 1.462 - 1.464

These products should be kept protected in a dry place. The containers must always be kept tightly closed.


These products are used specifically for stabilizing plasticized suspension PVC, mass PVC and washed emulsion PVC. In thermoplastic processing, they impart high heat stability and an excellent initial colour to the PVC compound.

Product Suitable for Special Properties
Modstab T401 Pigmented application: Calendaring process High heat stability; Excellent printability
Modstab T402 Translucent and pigmented applications: Extrusion process Good heat stability
Modstab T403 Transparent and pigmented application: Calendaring process Good Heat Stability, economical grade
Modstab T404 Pigmented application: Calendaring and  Injection moulding processes Excellent  light and weather fastness, Plate-out free
Modstab T420 Transparent and pigmented application:  Extrusion, Plastisol processing Versatile product;  Free from plate-out
 Modstab MSP180 Transparent applications: Extrusion, Injection moulding and Calendaring Excellent heat stability and very high clarity, no plate out

For best results we recommend 2 to 3 parts per hundred resins (phr), based on the processing conditions and desired end results.

Other ratios are offered per the customer request.

Modstab T401

Modstab T402

Modstab T404

Modstab MSP180

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